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Knitted Felt

It is called Knitted Felt when wool is felted after knitting. First, I personally dye the lambswool or cashmere yarn. Next, I use knitting 
machine to knit and felt the knitted fabric. Sometimes I cut, knot or 
use other own techniques to manipulate the felted fabric.
Three-dimensional knitted felt combined with colour and form might be 
called "Sculptured textile." It is thick but flexible, warm, light, 
fluffy, and comfortable to wear.
Since I was influenced by nature in my childhood, there are specific 
scenes, which I have envisioned from a small forest near my house in 
Musashino, at the bottom of each piece. A image of a white styrax petal 
which I refer to as a soap flower because when the petals are rubbed 
together by hand, they produce lather, a dove's nest, or a brilliant red 
cherry with an unpleasant taste are a few to mention. Also, I seem to 
have a close friendship with trees through the four seasons. The silk 
tree, the Japanese horse chestnut, and the Magnolia obovate, they are my 

神田美穂  Miho Kanda




I was Born in Tokyo in 1965. I graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University. I was trained by  Kimi Ohba at her plant dyeing studio, and I worked as a dyer using natural plants. I studied embroidery and machine knitting at Oslo College, division of decorative textile. After returning to Japan, I have been working as a knitted felt designer in Sendai city.

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