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 素材はラムウールやカシミアなど、ごく細い糸を使い、染色し、家庭用の編み機で編みます。ひっぱったり結んだり切ったり‥‥‥、編み地に手を加えながら縮絨を繰り返すことで、伸縮性のある、空気をふくんだ軽さと暖かさが 生まれます。


Sculptured Textile “Knitted Felt”


Knitted Felt is a soft sculpture.

By felting a knitted fabric, it transforms into three-dimensional objects combined color and form with flexible tactile. I have been fascinated by the sculptured textile.

My first contact with textile was in Yamagata, Japan. I was trained as a disciple at a plant dyeing studio in Yamagata, a prefecture well known for safflower dyeing. From there I went solo as a fabric dyer to use natural plant. Gradually my interest shifted from flat work to three-dimensional work.

One day I came across a Norwegian textile called stained glass of fabric. After two years, I flew to Norway and studied decorative textile at Oslo college. Returning to Japan, I started and still actively create knitted felt.

I use a knitting machine to knit hand dyed thin lambswool or cashmere yarns and felt them several times. All of manipulated fabrics during the procedure of felting, like cutting, knotting or stitching are my original techniques.
The end works are are flexible, fluffy, warm and light. They are wearable sculptures.

神田美穂  Miho Kanda




I was Born in Tokyo in 1965. I graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University. I was trained by  Kimi Ohba at her plant dyeing studio, and I worked as a dyer using natural plants. I studied embroidery and machine knitting at Oslo College, division of decorative textile. After returning to Japan, I have been working as a knitted felt designer in Sendai city.

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